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Receipt Paper: Types, Attributes, and More

Even though in-store shopping has mostly been replaced with digital shopping, there are still many businesses that use receipts. Whether it’s a convenience store, a retail outlet, or an ice cream shop, you will be handed paper receipts every time you purchase something.

For businesses, paper receipts prove to be more handy as they can make filing taxes much easier. But with so many options to choose from in the market, how do you choose the right type of receipt paper?

In this article, we will discuss the various types of receipt papers along with their attributes so you can make an informed purchase decision when choosing receipt papers for your business. 

So read on!

Types of Receipt Paper

  1. Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is a popular type of receipt paper that is solely made for thermal printers. This type of receipt paper comes with a chemical coating that allows it to change with heat exposure. It is ideal for point-of-sale (POS) terminals, cash registers, and thermal printers. 

Thermal paper does not require the use of cartridges or ink. The chemical coating on it helps you print any text or image on it. What’s more, it has a shinier surface as compared to bond papers.

However, thermal papers are not ideal for humid and hot environments as they do not maintain image integrity. They are very sensitive to UV rays. Once exposed, the print on them can easily fade. 

  1. Inkjet Paper

Inkjet paper is the normal paper used for printing with a traditional printer. To print an image or text on an inkjet paper, ink is applied directly using an inkjet printer.

As such, inkjet paper does not have any special properties. However, they are ideal for printing complex images. What’s more, inkjet paper is also more durable as compared to thermal paper. It is less likely to fade, meaning that your inkjet receipts or labels will last much longer.

Therefore, businesses that require high-quality and accurate images with durability must use inkjet paper for their receipts or labels. 

  1. Carbonless Paper

Carbonless paper is one of the most common alternatives to thermal paper. This type of paper roll has up to three layers, each in a different color. It is used to print multiple copies of a receipt or label. It eliminates the need to insert carbon paper to produce a copy of a document.

Carbonless paper comes with two different types of chemical coating: Coated Back and Coated Front. These chemicals are activated when they come under pressure from a printer. 

Businesses can use carbonless paper to print a business copy and a customer copy of a receipt. Before the invention of carbonless paper, creating multiple copies of a single document was much more challenging, messy, and insecure.

Which Receipt Paper Is the Best?

The choice of receipt paper for your business totally depends on the nature and goals of your business. Usually, thermal paper is considered ideal for most businesses as it offers greater accuracy, faster printing, and affordability. 

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