How to Optimize Shipping Label Design

How to Optimize Shipping Label Design for Efficiency and Branding

Shipping labels often get the least attention from e-commerce and logistics companies. However, they are more than just stickers with product information and addresses. Shipping labels play a significant role in streamlining your operations and maintaining the brand image of your business.

In this blog, we will discuss how to optimize your shipping label design for better efficiency and branding of your business. So read on to unlock a whole new avenue of business branding and efficiency.

How to Optimize Shipping Label Design for Efficiency and Branding

1. Make Your Labels More Readable and Clear

The main purpose of a shipping label is to impart all the essential information to the reader accurately. To make sure your label is optimized for efficiency, enter all the information, especially the recipient’s address, as clearly as possible.

Pick a font that is reader-friendly and make sure to choose an appropriate font size according to the label’s dimensions. To make sure that the text is visible, use high-contrast colors for better visibility. This is especially important if the text is going to be scanned by a machine.

2. Create a Standardized Design Template

To achieve consistency in label design for better efficiency, it is important to create a standard design template for all the shipping labels. In addition to streamlining the entire process, it also reduces the chances of any errors.

Make sure that the selected design template has designated spaces for tracking numbers, barcodes, and recipient and return addresses.

3. Add All the Necessary Information

An ideal shipping label has all the necessary information required for seamless delivery to the end-user. This includes the recipient’s name, address, contact information, and your return address. 

Make sure your label has all of this essential information. Additionally, to facilitate package tracking and sorting, make sure to add the tracking information or a barcode.

4. Select the Right Label Material

For better efficiency and branding, it is incredibly important to select the right label material. There are many different types of labels, the most popular being thermal shipping labels. A 4x6 label is the standard shipping size that is accepted worldwide. 

Apart from the size, the label material should also be durable enough to last for longer periods. Additionally, it must be compatible with your printer. So make sure to choose the appropriate label for your inkjet or thermal printer. 

5. Reinforce Your Brand Elements

While it is important to stay efficient, you should also make sure to use the brand elements whenever you can. Make sure to include your logo, brand colors, and any other labels in the label design.

As a result, you will have a tailored shipping label that offers a unique experience when customers receive a parcel. However, avoid cluttering the label design. Keep it simple.

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